Volume 11, Issue 103 November 14, 2014
The number one cause of cancer –
and how to find out if you're at risk
What causes cancer? That's an important question. And the answer is simpler than you might think. A while back I wrote a book called, Bursting With Energy. In it I described what I believe to be the ultimate cause of cancer — a decrease in oxygen metabolism. Oxygen metabolism refers to how efficiently a body uses the oxygen it gets. Just because your body is getting oxygen doesn't mean that it's using that oxygen efficiently. And a recent study is backing me up on this theory.

But before I get into the study let me just tell you about what I have seen in my clinic regarding cancer. About 15 years ago, I developed a patented system to measure oxygen metabolism. I called it Bio-Energy Testing. And in the last 15 years, I have done literally thousands of tests in all kinds of people, of all ages, and in all kinds of conditions. And here's the thing: I have never seen one case of cancer develop in someone who had optimum oxygen metabolism. Conversely, I have never seen one patient who has cancer who also had an optimal oxygen metabolism. I think that statistic speaks for itself. But that's not the only reason I believe that a deficient oxygen metabolism is what primarily causes cancer.

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Nearly 100 years ago, a German doctor by the name of Otto Warburg proved that cancers were special. He won the Nobel Prize for medicine that year for his discovery. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells have very low oxygen metabolism. So they like it when the oxygen levels are low. They have an advantage over healthy cells, which require oxygen and do poorly when there isn't enough oxygen around. That's why cells with a low level of oxygen metabolism are more likely to turn cancerous than cells with a healthy oxygen metabolism. And that's just what this recent study shows.

Researchers looked at 236,494 newly diagnosed men and women with COPD (chronic pulmonary obstructive disease) during the years of 1980-2008. COPD is also known as chronic lung disease. And a hallmark of COPD is the fact that it puts the body in a state of decreased oxygen metabolism. The researchers wanted to see if the decreased oxygen metabolism in these patients put them at a greater risk of cancer than people without COPD.

The average time of follow up on the group was 3.5 years. And in that time 9,434 of the patients were diagnosed with cancer. When they compared this to the standard risk in the general non-COPD population, they found that cancer of all types happened more than three times as often in the COPD patients. This proves the connection between decreased oxygen metabolism and cancer.

It's important to realize that COPD is not the only way you can have decreased oxygen metabolism. Other factors including smoking, fitness level, infections, medication use, diet, stress, hormone deficiency, inadequate sleep, and toxicity all lead to decreased oxygen metabolism. That's why the most important measurement I do on my patients is to measure their oxygen metabolism using my Bio-Energy Testing system. I also check a lot of other things, including blood sugar, etc. But oxygen metabolism is surely the most important measurement I make. And here's what I can tell you.

The majority of people over the age of 40 have insufficient oxygen metabolism. That is putting them not only at an increased risk of cancer, but also for every other disease there is. So please, I am asking you to have your oxygen metabolism measured. If it is good, then great! If it is not, then improving the factors I mentioned above will improve it. And there is no question about it. The better your oxygen metabolism, the longer you will live, the more functional you will be, and the less chance of disease you will have.

You can find a list of the doctors in the country who are currently offering Bio-Energy Testing at www.bioenergytesting.com. Find the closest one and get your oxygen metabolism measured every year.

Yours for better health,

REF: Kornum JB, Svaerk C, Thonsen RW, et al. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer risk: a Danish nationwide cohort study. Respir Med. 2012 Jun; 106(6):845-52.

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