Volume 11, Issue 95 October 27, 2014
Don't wait for the U.S. government
to protect you against Ebola
It's sad to say, but the head of the CDC is either lying or incompetent. I watched him before a congressional investigative committee two nights ago, and he must have contradicted himself three to four times.

Out of one side of his mouth he said that Ebola is not very contagious and we can invite all the people we want from Ebola-infested countries into the U.S. without fear. And then out of the other side he said those who come into contact with Ebola patients need to be wearing $1,000 apiece hazmat suits.

But he's not the only problem. The WHO (World Health Organization) is seizing colloidal silver shipments and not allowing them into Ebola-infested countries. Why would WHO keep a potentially life-saving treatment out of the hands of those who need it? I don't know. But I suspect that it has to do with money.

Ebola = money. Come up with an Ebola vaccine and you will be instantly rich. It doesn't matter if the vaccine works or not.  It doesn't matter if it creates more problems than it solves. There is money in Ebola. And all this translates out into a massive misinformation campaign.

What's the truth about Ebola?  Is it highly contagious or not?  Why do some people who get it survive while others die?  And what should you do if you catch it?  Right now, we don't know much more than we can't trust those who are in charge. But I intend to get to the bottom of this. And here's how:

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As you may know, I am the founder of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy. Last week, the Academy sponsored a team of doctors into Ebola-infested Sierra Leone. The team, which includes former Second Opinion editor Dr. Robert Rowen, is already treating people there with intravenous ozone and vitamin C. And they are also teaching the local doctors how to use these treatments. 

Why are they using ozone and vitamin C? Because ozone and vitamin C have been effective against every virus they've ever been tested on.  I use these treatments in my clinic every day, and so do the other doctors in the Academy.  And we've never seen a bug that grew resistant to them.

I will report to you on the team's progress in the coming weeks. And I will tell you how to protect yourself.  I am very concerned about this situation.

So far only a few Americans have become infected. But it could get out of hand. Our government should be protecting us by turning away anyone who has been in an Ebola-infested country within the last three weeks. But they won't. So Ebola could be coming to your town soon. It might be there already.

So please pay attention to these updates. They will be coming as fast as I can determine what is going on.

Yours for better health,

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