Volume 11, Issue 93 October 22, 2014
You can determine how young you
feel - even when your age
is getting up there
Are you old? I mean, no matter what your age is do you consider yourself "old." Back in the '50s, most people considered anyone over 50 as old. But times have changed. People don't look or act nearly as old as they used to. In fact, I was just talking with a 72-year-old man today who told me that he felt great and had just completed a 6,000 mile road trip on his Harley! So what do you think old is? 60? 70? 80? 90? A new survey has a surprising answer.

SWNS is the largest independent news agency in Great Britain. They just published a survey of 2,000 men and women over the age of 40. They asked them a number of questions. One of them was, "What age is considered old?" Here's what they had to say.

Most of the responders answered that old age does not begin until 80. Another 20% said that old age typically begins at the age of 90! And only 17% said that it began before 70. Then they asked them what they would have answered 30 years ago. And the consensus was that they would have said that anyone over the age of 63 is old. How times have changed.

When I first got into medicine over 40 years ago, my plan was not to cure disease — it was to prevent it. Even to this day the major medical axiom I live by is, "The best treatment for any disease is to not get it." Even though I do treat people with all kinds of diseases, I have always thought that a perfect day at the office would be one in which everyone who came to see me was perfectly healthy and was there only to see what they could do to stay that way. Surveys like this one make me feel that my dream is actually happening.

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People are not giving up on themselves just because they are "over the hill." More and more they are improving their diets, increasing their exercise, taking their supplements and hormones, and focusing on being functional and disease-free than ever before. As I have been telling my patients for years: "Enjoy how well you feel now. But while you are having fun, make sure you are on an active program to feel that good 10-20 years from now."

If you're starting to feel old, you can take steps now to feel younger. My Bio-Energy Testing can help. And so can many of the things I talk about in my newsletter and in these alerts. That includes a regular exercise program of at least one hour, three times a week. A high-fiber, high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Replacing your hormone levels as they decline. And at least one annual visit with a preventive-minded practitioner to insure that your special genetic needs and risks are being attended to. You can enjoy an energy-filled life well into your 80s and 90s (and some into their 100s). You just have to take care of yourself.

Yours for better health,


Survey Says Old Age Starts At 80 By Julia Little on July 7, 2014 http://www.sunriseseniorliving.com/blog/july-2014/. Last accessed 10-11-14

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