Volume 11, Issue 91 October 17, 2014
Does high fructose corn syrup
(and other fructose)
cause liver disease?
The answer might surprise you...
You hear it all the time. Eating high levels of fructose causes liver disease. It causes a specific form of liver disease called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD for short. Just last year New York City came out with a law putting restrictions on the amount of fructose that could be sold in soft drinks for just this reason. But is it true? Does fructose really cause NAFLD?

Epidemiologic studies are mixed on this question. So, right now the jury is still out. To be sure, there is evidence that a diet high in fructose can lead to NAFLD. But there appears to be much more to this story than simply the fructose part. And a new study is about to unleash some serious controversy. In that study, the people who ate the most fructose had the lowest levels of NAFLD!

I have talked before about NAFLD. It is the major form of liver disease in the world today. But what causes it? As I said, many people believe that it is a diet high in the sugar fructose. Fructose is the sugar found in fruit, some vegetables, agave syrup, and honey. It is also found in table sugar (sucrose) and in high fructose corn syrup. So what is the evidence that fructose causes NAFLD?

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NAFLD happens in two steps. First, there is an accumulation of fat in the liver. Fructose can definitely contribute to this because the liver converts fructose into fat. In addition to that, fructose also can inhibit the ability of liver cells to burn fat. The obvious result is increased levels of fat in the liver – a so-called fatty liver.

The second step is that fructose can react with proteins in the liver. This process is called fructosylation. One of the problems with fructosylation is that it promotes the production of free radical molecules. And this combination of excessive fat within the liver along with increased levels of free radicals is what brings about the inflammation that ultimately results in NAFLD. So you can see that even though fructose is involved with NAFLD, other factors also play a big role.

One of those factors is a major one. It is how effectively your body can burn fat. Some bodies burn fat very effectively, some don't. Using a testing process I developed years ago called Bio-Energy Testing, doctors are now able to determine just how well their patients can burn fat. Once they find out that a particular patient cannot burn fat well, they can use remedies to improve the fat metabolism. Then they can repeat the test a few months later just to make sure that the remedies are working. You can find doctors near you who use Bio-Energy Testing by going to the website www.bioenergytesting.com.

But that's not all there is to this issue. More and more people are suffering from NAFLD. So on Monday, I'll tell you about that study I mentioned and how you can avoid this terrible problem.

Yours for better health,

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