Volume 11, Issue 71 September 1, 2014
These drugs kill up to 4 million
people a year - but two simple
alternatives could save your life
"In 2011, an estimated two to four million people suffered serious, disabling, or fatal injury associated with prescription drug therapy based on our analysis of a full year of reports to the U.S. FDA." These are not my words. They come from the MedWatch Report of May 2012. The number one offender was Pradaxa. The number two was Coumadin. What do both of these drugs have in common? They are blood thinners. And the complications always happen as a result of excessive bleeding. If you are on one of these drugs you might want to consider an alternative. And I've got two to consider.

One of the most effective alternatives is fish oil. Fish oil is known to prevent blood platelets from sticking together to form clots. This effect is so pronounced that if you're taking fish oil supplements doctors will want you to stop them at least three days before any kind of surgery. So what about the potential for excessive bleeding complications from fish oil? Who is to say that fish oil supplements don't have the same risks as Pradaxa and Coumadin? Now a new study is alleviating not only that concern, but also the surgery concern.

The authors of the current report examined recent studies that directly studied the effects of fish oils on the risk of bleeding. According to the authors, fish oil supplements "had no effect on the risk of clinically significant bleeding." In fact, they found that fish oil supplements did not even increase risk when they were prescribed along with other blood thinners. And furthermore they stated that they "found no support for discontinuing the use of fish oil supplements before invasive procedures [including surgeries] or when given in combination with other agents that affect bleeding. On the contrary, the use of these fatty acids in several settings improved clinical outcomes." But why?

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I thought that fish oils simply worked by inhibiting platelets. But it turns out that they are more complex than that. They "have been shown to affect multiple signaling pathways and thrombotic processes beyond simply affecting platelet aggregation."

For many years now, I and other doctors have been recommending a combination of fish oil and nattokinase supplements as an alternative to pharmaceutical blood thinners. You can find my protocol in the archives. This combination seems to work every bit as good if not better than the drugs. And now we know that even when you combine fish oils with other blood thinners like nattokinase there are none of the dangers that make the blood thinning drugs the most dangerous drugs in America. I recommend Complete Daily Oils and Advanced Natto Formula as your best alternatives to Pradaxa and Coumadin.

Yours for better health,

Wachira JK, Larson MK, Harris WS. n-3 Fatty acids affect haemostasis but do not increase the risk of bleeding: clinical observations and mechanistic insights. Br J Nutr. 2014 May;111(9):1652-62.

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