Volume 7, Issue 23 June 5, 2014
Decrease the symptoms of diverticulitis
by 50% with a simple natural solution
Diverticulitis is one problem that hits the over-50 crowd that can be a real pain. Anyone who has it will tell you that the constant abdominal discomfort can wear you out. And, unfortunately, there is not much that doctors have to offer for it — other than dietary advice and antibiotics. But the dietary advice is often completely contradictory. For some people, a high-fiber diet helps. For others it makes them worse and a low-fiber diet is recommended. For some, it is important to avoid small seeds like tomato seeds. For others, it doesn't seem to matter. So what other remedies might be helpful? A new study gives us a good idea about a simple natural solution.

Researchers looked at 49 patients with diverticulitis. All of them were suffering from abdominal pain and bloating. Their symptoms would often go on continuously for one to two days before easing back. They divided the patients into three groups. They gave the first group the standard high-fiber diet. They put the second group on the same diet and also gave them a probiotic strain by the name of Lactobacillus paracasei F19 every other day. They did the same thing with the third group, only they got a double dose of the probiotic. This went on for six months. Here's what happened.

There was no decrease in symptoms in the group that had only the diet. By itself a high-fiber diet was not helpful at all. But when they added the probiotic, things changed. There was a 50% decrease in symptoms in both of the probiotic groups.

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Furthermore, none of the patients in these groups had their pain for more than 24 hours even though 20% of the diet-only group did. And the dose of the probiotic did not make a difference. More was not better. The authors of the study concluded that, "Lactobacillus paracasei F19, in association with a high-fiber diet, is effective in reducing abdominal bloating and prolonged abdominal pain."

Patients with diverticulitis should always be put on probiotics. It definitely helps even though it rarely get rids of all the symptoms. But I can't say whether or not this particular strain of probiotic works better or worse than other strains. If you have this problem and want to give this particular probiotic a chance, you can get it online. It is called Theralac. And you can get it at: www.theralac.com/Paracasei.aspx.

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Annibale B, Maconi G, Lahner E. et al. Efficacy of Lactobacillus paracasei sub. paracasei F19 on abdominal symptoms in patients with symptomatic uncomplicated diverticular disease: a pilot study. Minerva Gastroenterol Dietol. 2011 Mar;57(1):13-22.

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