Volume 6, Issue 37 September 19, 2013
Wi-Fi kills seed sprouts -
will it harm you too?
Have you ever thought about the health risks that all of those unseen sources of electro-magnetic pollution might cause? I'm talking about things like cell phones, microwave towers, wireless phones, and internet routers. Many of us are bathed all night and day in these frequencies that didn't exist 100 years ago. Are they safe? Do you need to worry and cancel all your wireless services? There is a new fascinating experiment that will really make you wonder about the answer to that question.

In the September issue of Real Cures, I told you about a young girl who received national attention when she conducted a study about fruit flies and organic food. Well the girls are back at it again. This time five ninth-grade Danish girls conducted the experiment as part of their school biology project. Here's what they did.

They used cress seeds. Cress is a fast growing edible herb in the cabbage family. They grew half of the seeds in trays that were right next to two wireless (Wi-Fi) internet routers. The other half they grew in another room without any routers. They kept the rooms at the same temperature, and gave all the seeds the same amount of light and water. What happens next is "truly frightening" according to one of the girls Lea Nielsen.

By day 12, the seeds in the non-router room had grown into beautiful sprouts. But the seeds next to the routers did not do as well. They were all dead! No growth at all. That's right - 100% of them were dead. You can search the Internet for "ninth grade student cress Wi-Fi experiment" and see the pictures for yourself. As a result, the girls decided to change a few things. "None of us sleep with the mobile next to the bed anymore. Either the phone is put far away, or it is put in another room. And the computer is always off," says Lea Nielsen. Seems like wise advice, but is it necessary?

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Last year, I reported on the biggest ever study of the potential for adverse health effects from cell phones. What the study concluded was that there was an increase of brain cancer, but only in those using cell phones for over 1,640 hours per year. Do the math and you'll find that this amounts to a minimum average of over four hours a day on a cell phone. That's a huge amount! I have told you before and I'll tell you again. When it comes to stresses on the human body, it is never about the kind stress. It is only a matter of the amount of stress. In fact, science has shown that a little amount of stresses that are supposed to be bad for you, are just the opposite. They are good for you!

Did you know that a little x-radiation is immune enhancing and research shows it prevents cancer? Or how about a little mercury? In even small doses mercury is a potent toxin. But in very tiny doses, it is a very effective medicine for a variety of ailments. Even in the cell phone study I just mentioned, it was shown that those people who used cells phones (but not excessively) had a 19-21% decreased chance of getting brain tumors. Perhaps a normal exposure to cell phones is actually beneficial? So what about the cress seeds?

Remember that as devastating as the experiment was, these were seeds, not people. Seeds don't have anywhere near the stress-resisting power that humans have. Next, these seeds spent their entire life right next to the routers. We don't get anywhere near that kind of exposure. In fact, the exposure that we get might turn out to be beneficial for us. It's possible.

When it's all said and done, here's what makes sense to me. Do like the girls do. Attach your router to a timer that turns it off at night. And keep your cell phone at least 20 feet away from you while you are asleep. Until we learn more, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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