Volume 6, Issue 18 May 9, 2013
Why your doctor hasn't found
this cause of depression - and how
to fix it quickly and easily
Back in the old days, when all I knew was what they taught me in medical school, a very significant thing happened. My dad, who had been a doctor since the 1940s, gave me a batch of old medical books stretching back to those good old days. One of them was a book on vitamin therapy by Big Pharma giant CIBA. Many people don't realize it, but before the Golden Age of Drugs, Big Pharma used to peddle vitamins. I started to read that book and from the very first page, it began to change my medical career.

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The first chapter was on vitamin B1 (thiamine). It started off by listing the symptoms of a B1 deficiency. They were heart disease, fatigue, irritability, nervousness, insomnia, abdominal discomfort, forgetfulness, and depression. I immediately thought, "Well, that includes only about 100% of my patients! I wonder how many of them are suffering from a lack of B1?"

It was then, back in the late 1970s, that I started to routinely give all my patients a healthy dose of B-vitamins. The effect was astonishing. It cured many of them of their symptoms within three months. I still do it to this day in my Super Immune QuickStart. Now a new study is verifying this effect in patients with depression.

The researchers looked at 1,587 Chinese men and women aged 50-70 years. They found that 11.3% of them were suffering from depression. Then the researchers looked at three different blood markers for B1. The results were amazing. All of the men and women with depression had significantly lower levels of B1 in all three categories than their non-depressed counterparts.

In fact, if you just divided all 1,587 people into four categories from the lowest to highest levels of B1, you would see a huge correlation to B1 deficiency. The people with the lowest levels were three times more likely to have depression than those in the highest levels. And here's the remarkable thing.

All of the levels, even those in the depressed group, were in the normal range. So just being in the so-called normal range isn't enough for many folks. Why is that? Because we are all different. Some of us have brains that do quite well with lower levels of B1, and some need higher levels. This is not rocket science. But hardly any doctors recognize this.

Why is B1-related depression more likely to hit older folks than younger? Because as we get older, our need for B-vitamins increases due to a combination of two factors. First, our ability to use B-vitamins metabolically becomes less efficient. In other words, we waste more. And secondly, our ability to absorb the vitamins from our foods decreases. So we get less from our diet. So here's the thing.

If you are over 50 and you are depressed or maybe just don't have quite the stamina and energy you used to have, try something simple. For three months, take 100 mg of B1 every day along with similar high doses of the other B-vitamins and see what happens. There is absolutely no danger, and you just might find (as many of my patients have) that you feel a lot better. You can find this in any high-dose B-complex capsule. I also put it in my Super Immune QuickStart.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

REF: Zhang G, Ding H, Chen H, et al. Thiamine nutritional status and depressive symptoms are inversely associated among older Chinese adults. J Nutr. 2013 Jan;143(1):53-8.

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