Volume 5, Issue 47 November 22, 2012
The right way to get off antidepressants
Last week, I told you about Theresa. She’s one of my patients who has suffered from depression for years. I treated her with several hormones and other natural therapies. After two weeks, Theresa’s energy was better. But there was no significant change in her mood. So let me show you what I did next, as it might work for you.

I then began to slowly taper her off Paxil. Even though doctors use drugs like Paxil to treat patients with low levels of serotonin, they actually have the opposite effect. They further decrease the serotonin levels to the point that they become dangerously low.

Suddenly taking Theresa completely off the drug would have left her with close to no serotonin. This can result in death. But the program I had her on now was renewing her levels, so it was possible to slowly decrease the dose.

For two weeks, she took one-half of the dose she had been taking. Then, for the next two weeks, she took half again. At this point, she had been on therapy for a total of six weeks. For the next two weeks she took her medication only every third day. I wanted to be absolutely sure that her serotonin levels were increasing up to the point that she could discontinue the drug.

At the end of these eight weeks she was feeling great. Her moods were “the best they have ever been as long as I can remember.” And as an added bonus, because of the metabolic enhancing effects of the hormones, and the fat burning effects of the low carbohydrate diet, she had lost 10 pounds.

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At that point, I told her to stop the Paxil entirely. Like most patients who have been on these drugs all their lives, Theresa was fearful of completely stopping. “I feel so great right now that I don’t want to change anything.” So I explained to her that she no longer needed the drug because her serotonin levels were now back to normal. And I also reminded her that the drug had actually been a large part of why she had gained weight and had been feeling so fatigued. So after a little gentle coaxing, she stopped taking the drug entirely.

I saw her two weeks later. She had a big smile on her face, and told me that I had saved her life. I hear this a lot, but I know it is never true. And I explained to her that it wasn’t me who healed her, it was God. God designed her body so that it would heal itself. All we have to do is to help it.

Unfortunately, in this day of so-called “modern” medicine, we have all but completely forgotten that simple fact. So instead of working with the body’s innate healing power, we go right to drug therapy. Drugs rarely solve problems like Theresa’s. And most of the time, they do little more than add more problems to the list.

After nine more months of treatment, Theresa was able to stop all of her supplements. Why? Because, I really meant what I said — given what it needs to do the job, the body will heal itself. The serotonin and the progesterone deficiencies were gone. Her thyroid never fully recovered, but this is typical of thyroid glands. We were able to get it working better, and I was able to decrease her dose of the thyroid hormones.

I still see Theresa every now and then when she has a minor medical problem. I saw her just the other day for a strained ankle. She has now been free of depression for over eight years. She stopped seeing counselors long ago. She’s married, and is now busy taking care of her husband and two children. If you suffer from depression, a program similar to Theresa’s can work for you too.

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

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