Volume 5, Issue 41 October 11, 2012
How to make prostate
cancer spread 82% faster
If you’re a man, one of your biggest health concerns is how to avoid prostate cancer. So here is some good news. A new study is showing just how tight the relationship is between your vitamin D levels and your risk from prostate cancer.

According to the study, every time you take your vitamin D, you are appreciably decreasing your chance of getting prostate cancer. But that’s not all. Many of us already have prostate cancer and don’t know it. As I have told you before, a normal PSA reading does not mean you don’t have it.

Again, there is good news. If you already have prostate cancer, taking the right amount of vitamin D can significantly slow it down to the point that it never becomes a problem. And this study shows why.

This study comes out of the Center for Cancer Research at Purdue University in Indiana. The researchers took mice and divided them into three groups. One group had a very low level of vitamin D3 in their diets – only 25 units. The second group had what would be considered a “normal healthy” amount of vitamin D – 200 units. And the third group received a lot more – 10,000 units. Then the researchers looked at the prostates in these mice to see if the different levels of vitamin D had an effect on their prostate cells.

The researchers specifically looked at two things. First, how fast the prostate cells were dividing. Cells that divide fast are more likely to develop into cancerous cells. The other thing they focused on was normal cell death, called apoptosis. Cells that show less apoptosis are more likely to develop into cancers as well. Here’s what they found.

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The blood levels of vitamin D went up corresponding to the amount of vitamin D the animals were eating. The ones with the low vitamin D diets had levels of 26 nmol/L. The ones on the normal amount of vitamin D had levels of 78 nmol/L. And the ones on the largest dose had levels of 237 nmol/L. (To convert nmol/L to ng/mL, just divide by 2.496.)

Compared to the group with the highest level of vitamin D, the prostate cells in the mice on the low vitamin D diet divided 82% faster. Their cells also were showing 29% less apoptosis. Both of these findings indicate an increased risk of developing cancer from taking low amounts of vitamin D, and a decreased risk when taking high amounts. They also indicate that prostate cancers are going to grow much more slowly in men taking higher levels of vitamin D.

So do something to decrease your prostate cancer risk that’s easy and inexpensive. Get your doctor to check your vitamin D3 blood level. And make sure that you’re taking enough to get your level over 60 ng/ml. That’s the level that you need to be at for maximum protection. You can order a high-quality vitamin D3 product by following this link.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

Kovalenko PL, Zhang Z, Yu JG, et al. Dietary vitamin D and vitamin D receptor level modulate epithelial cell proliferation and apoptosis in the prostate. Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2011 Oct;4(10):1617-25. Epub 2011 Aug 11.

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