Volume 5, Issue 30
July 26, 2012

Drop dangerous CRP levels
with a simple vitamin

The older you get, the greater the likelihood that your arteries are going to be gunked up. And clogged arteries lead to heart disease. So wouldn’t it be great if there was a very simple and inexpensive way to decrease that process by as much as 25%? Two recent studies suggest that a single B-vitamin might be able to do just that.

The first study comes from researchers in Norway. They looked at a group of patients who were taking medication for angina. Then they measured their CRP (C-reactive protein) levels. I’ll tell you why CRP is so important when I discuss the second study. Just remember this: Lower CRP levels are better.

They gave each one of the patients 40 mg of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) per day for four weeks. And then they remeasured their CRP levels. They were significantly lower.

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The second study comes out of Turkey. The authors measured the CRP levels in a group of 50 patients with angina. Then they performed coronary angiography on them to see how severe their arterial obstruction was. When the CRP was at its highest, 6.6 mg/L, the severity score of the arterial obstruction was 46. When the CRP was at its lowest, 3.8 mg/L, the severity score was almost 25% less. They also found out that the blood flow through the arteries was better with the lower CRP levels. The patients with CRP levels of 3.1 had four times better blood flow than those with levels of 11.1. The authors called the CRP connection a “moderately powerful and significant” effect.

Here’s why: Your CRP level is an indicator of how much inflammation the plaque in your arteries causes. So the lower your level, the less inflammation and the less plaque. Data from one clinical trial of 18,000 healthy doctors, found that elevated levels of CRP brought about a threefold increase in the risk of heart attack. CRP levels seem to be even more predictive of heart disease in women.

In the Harvard Women's Health Study, the women in the group with the highest CRP levels were more than four times as likely to have died from coronary disease or to have suffered a non-fatal heart attack or stroke compared to those with the lowest levels.

You can and should have your CRP level measured every few years. The ideal level is less than 1.0 mg/L. A level over 3.0 indicates a high risk. If you are already in the low-risk category, then great. But if you aren’t, maybe you need to take a little vitamin B6. One great way to do that is to take one to two scoops of my Super Immune QuickStart every day. One scoop contains 50 mg of B6 – just a little more than the researchers used in the study.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD


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