Volume 5, Issue 8
February 23, 2012

The drug that almost killed
a healthy NFL coach

Chris is an NFL coach I have known for years. He is in great cardiovascular condition, exercises regularly, eats well, and doesn’t overdo anything. His lifestyle is healthy, and the numbers show it. As I’ve mentioned before, the best way to know how healthy you are is with Bio-Energy Testing (www.bioenergytesting.com). The last time I tested Chris, his scores were typical of a 36 year old man. And that’s particularly good because Chris is 68 years old.

In 15 years of using Bio-Energy Testing, I have never seen anybody with numbers like that develop any disease of any kind, period. So you would think that Chris’s future looked pretty good. And it does except he has one very important risk factor — his team doctor.

Like many doctors, Chris’s team doctor has been brainwashed by his pharmaceutical rep. He thinks that prescribing statin drugs to reduce blood cholesterol levels even in people with no history at all of heart disease is a good thing. So that’s what he did. And that’s when Chris’s health started to go down the tubes.

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Chris’s wife called me in May 2010. She said, “I don’t know what’s going on with Chris. He’s the healthiest guy I know, but he feels terrible. You have to help him.”

Chris was complaining of decreased strength and stamina, all kinds of aches and pains, and a significant drop in his sex drive. That’s when I asked Chris to travel to one of the several clinics in the country offering Bio-Energy Testing, and make a telephone appointment with me after he saw the results. Like I said before, his scores were great. So his symptoms could not be from a disease. That’s when I got the rest of the story.

Every year, Chris and the rest of the staff on his team have annual executive physicals. That’s where the problem started. The doctor noticed that his cholesterol level was over 200 mg/dL, and his LDL (“bad” cholesterol) was over 130 mg/dL. According to what his doctor had learned, any reading of LDL over 130 was dangerous. He believed it would cause a heart attack in Chris unless he lowered it. So he prescribed a statin drug. Nine months later Chris’s wife was on the phone with me.

All of Chris’s symptoms are common side effects of statins. If he stayed on the drugs long enough, they could cause heart failure and even death. So obviously I needed to take Chris off the drug. But it turns out that there was more to this tale than simply drug side effects.

One of the most valuable things about Bio-Energy Testing is that it measures basal metabolic rate or BMR for short. The BMR is the best way to diagnose low thyroid conditions. When the BMR is low, the odds are very good that thyroid function is low. That’s because thyroid activity is what primarily determines BMR. This is true even when the thyroid blood tests are in the so-called normal range.

Chris’s Bio-Energy testing showed that his BMR was low. That indicated he had a thyroid imbalance. Combine that with the fact that decreased thyroid function is the number one cause of elevated cholesterol readings, and I knew what I needed to do.

In next week’s alert, I’ll show you what I did for Chris that totally turned things around for him. I’ll also show you how to avoid statins, keep your cholesterol in a healthy range, and keep your thyroid in tip-top shape. Don’t miss it.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

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