Volume 4, Issue 41
October 13, 2011

Why the experts are still
wrong on diabetes

Eight years ago, I wrote the book The Type-2 Diabetes Breakthrough. In that book, I offer Real Cures for a disease most think is incurable. In fact, after treating thousands of diabetics, I’ve noticed one thing. Those who listen to conventional medicine never cure their disease.

Until recently, conventional medicine has completely ignored what I’ve said about diabetes. But now a new medical article hopefully indicates that this attitude may be changing.  Although modern medicine is still a long way from catching up, this article shows that it is definitely starting to see the light.

The Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise published this article. It describes new recommendations regarding exercise that a panel of experts developed for diabetics. These marching orders replace the older ones established by American College of Sports Medicine in 2000. And here’s the good news and the bad news.

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The good news is that the ivory towers of medicine are finally waking up to the power of exercise. To quote the article, “It is now well established that participation in regular physical activity improves blood glucose control and can prevent or delay type-2 diabetes.” So they get the basic idea that I wrote about years ago. But they continue to completely miss how diabetics should exercise. And that's the bad news. They still have no idea how to properly prescribe it.  Here’s what I mean.

Sheri R. Colberg, PhD, a professor of exercise science at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia and co-author of the study, summed up the current thinking. She said (regarding the recommendations), “Most people with type-2 diabetes do not have sufficient aerobic capacity to undertake sustained vigorous activity.” This is why the panel specifically recommends that all diabetics exercise somewhere between 40% to 60% of their maximal aerobic capacity. Well, which is it? Is it a 40% or a 60% prescription? That's a full 20% difference.

And Professor Colberg used the word “most.” What in the world does “most” mean? Is she referring to 51% or 99% or somewhere in between? If “most” should follow these new recommendations, then what about the others who aren’t in the “most” category? Are they just relegated to performing exercise that’s not going to be all that effective? Well, again, if they follow conventional recommendations, that’s what will happen.

Professor Colberg then goes on to state that for “most” people with type-2 diabetes, brisk walking would fit this bill. Now I’m here to tell you after testing hundreds of diabetic patients, there is no way that simply taking a brisk walk is going to have any kind of significant effect on diabetes. It is not efficient enough.

How would you like it if you went to buy a suit and all they had to offer you was a suit that was “guaranteed to be within 20% of the exact size you need”? You might just be inclined to ask the salesperson to measure you and give you the perfect fit. Or maybe you see your doctor and he tells you that the dose he’s giving you “is easily the correct dose for you ... give or take 20%”? You might just ask him to be a little bit more accurate with his dosing. The point is this. We don’t want any more of that one-size fits all mentality in medicine. And when it comes to exercise, we don’t need to have it.

As I explained in The Type-2 Diabetes Breakthrough, using Bio-Energy Testing, a simple and inexpensive testing system that I designed years ago, it is possible to determine the precise exercise levels for each individual.

And that means no more guessing. So when a diabetic leaves the clinic of a doctor who has just performed this test on him, he has an exercise prescription tailored to his particular state of fitness. And, no, it won’t involve something as ineffective as brisk walking.

If you or a loved one has diabetes, please read my book. You can order it from Advanced Bionutritionals by calling 800-791-3392. Not only is Bio-Energy Testing fully described, but there are also many other innovative ways that can successfully prevent, treat, and even cure diabetes. You can find the closest physician to you who offers Bio-Energy testing to his patients at www.bioenergytesting.com.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

Colberg SR, Albright AL, et al. Exercise and type 2 diabetes: American College of Sports Medicine and the American Diabetes Association: joint position statement. Exercise and type 2 diabetes. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2010 Dec;42(12):2282-303.

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