Volume 4, Issue 37
September 15, 2011

Wipe out the common cold — even
swine flu — for less than $5

Last week, I told you about the new “superdrug” DRACO, which can reportedly cure the common cold. The drug is still in testing, so we don’t know for sure if it will work. However, there is one treatment that can wipe out your cold. And it can do it for $3-$5.

The makers of DRACO proudly point out that in their initial laboratory trials DRACO was able to kill cells infected with H1N1. Remember H1N1? That's the swine flu virus. It was touted to kill half the world's population last year because supposedly nobody knew how to kill it. Nobody in the conventional world that is. You see, the big difference between DRACO and hydrogen peroxide treatments is that we already know the peroxide (and other oxidative therapies) works.

Last year, I had two patients who tested positive for H1N1. It’s unusual for me to treat a patient who is known to be H1N1 infected because I never do the test. Why? Because it doesn’t make any difference what virus causes the infection. In my experience, using intravenous hydrogen peroxide works 100% of the time! So I was not in the least surprised that both of my H1N1 patients responded quickly to the treatment.

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The problem with intravenous hydrogen peroxide is that you have to visit the doctor. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to deliver this knock-out blow to viruses – nebulized hydrogen peroxide.

About three years ago I developed a very simple technique of applying hydrogen peroxide in viral infections that could be used at home, and did not require an IV. And now, thanks to the word getting out through Real Cures, most alternative practitioners are using the therapy and getting the same results I have seen. It involves putting the right mixture of hydrogen peroxide into a nebulizer and inhaling it. I cover all the details in my newsletter – which is available on my website. It works almost as good as the intravenous approach. And in people who are very sick, I will use both.

If DRACO works, will there ever be a need for it? Of course there will. Nothing is perfect, and despite the marvelous track record that doctors have had with intravenous hydrogen peroxide, there will always be some advanced case that will require a super drug. But for the overwhelming number of viral infections that happen every year, hydrogen peroxide is all you need to know about.

Oh, and I forgot one other important point. Besides being effective and safe, it’s cheap. With the nebulizer protocol, you can treat an infection for $3-5 worth of a properly compounded form of hydrogen peroxide.

The viral season is almost here. Protect yourself and your families by having a nebulizer and some properly diluted hydrogen peroxide solution on hand. The sooner you start it, the quicker it works. Also, make sure that you have the phone number of a doctor in your area who can give you intravenous hydrogen peroxide before you need it. One way to find a doctor is to look at the doctor referral sections on www.aaot.us, www.oxygenhealingtherapies.com, and www.acam.org.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

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