Volume 4, Issue 25
June 23, 2011

What seniors can learn from
severe childhood deformities

One of the worst things that can happen to an unborn baby is to develop neural tube defects. This is the name of a group of deformities that we know how to prevent. All the pregnant mom has to do is take the B-vitamin folic acid. This simple supplement can prevent most of these tragedies. Now a new study further underlines this treatment, but also points to the importance of anyone over the age of 65 taking vitamin supplements.

In this study, the researchers looked at the combined results of four trials of folic acid supplementation. The trials involved 6,425 women. Here’s the important point. The results indicated that the time for a woman to start taking folic acid is not when she becomes pregnant, but before she becomes pregnant. Specifically two to three months before. When she does this, the chances of the baby being born with a neural tube defect are cut by more than two-thirds.

Here’s what we can all learn from this study. The reason that certain children will develop this severe birth defect has to do with the idea of individual nutritional needs. Some people just have a very special need for certain nutrients that they cannot meet with diet alone. We see this principle in medicine all the time. That’s why alternative doctors are often able to solve otherwise incurable problems simply by prescribing specific nutrients to their patients.

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This is why a high-quality, high-dose multivitamin is so important for seniors to take. You may not know if you’re predisposed to a certain nutritional deficiency. And it may not show up until you’re much older. So you have to do everything you can to supplement now and not just rely on your diet alone.

And if you know anyone who might get pregnant, please tell them to start taking folic acid today. It’s not only important for pregnant women to take 1-2 mg of folic acid to prevent birth defects, it’s equally important that they take the vitamin for a full two months before they become pregnant.

I suggest everyone take a good multivitamin, such as two scoops of my Super Immune QuickStart, daily. It provides ample folic acid levels for women during their child-bearing years. And it’s ideal for seniors. It may help you avoid any potential nutritional deficiencies that can cause serious disease.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

REF: Lumley J, Watson L, Watson M, Bower C.: Periconceptional supplementation with folate and/or multivitamins for preventing neural tube defects. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2011 Apr 13;4:CD001056.

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