Volume 4, Issue 23
June 9, 2011

When losing weight has nothing
to do with diet and exercise

Do you struggle with your weight, your diet, or your level of fitness? There are a lot of books out there about how to lose weight. But every single one of them focuses on what you eat and on exercise. Of course, diet and exercise are critical. However, there’s another side to this equation. And it can make a huge impact on whether you successfully lose weight or not.

Studies show that there’s a huge connection between stress and weight gain. And almost every so-called weight professional out there has missed it. Everyone, that is, except Bill Cortright.

Bill is a physician’s assistant who I met about four years ago. He’s the real deal. Bill has a personal history that many of my readers can identify with. He has a genetic tendency to gain weight. So the first part of his life was a constant struggle to lose weight.

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In fact, Bill has gained and lost 100 pounds on three different occasions. But here’s the good news. He has now kept the weight off for almost 30 years. And he looks great. Plus, he has more energy than he has a right to at his age. His secret? He has a unique way of evaluating and treating stress.

I’ve told you many times before about the importance of your metabolism. I teach doctors to routinely test their patient’s metabolism. This test also looks at how efficiently the patient’s body is using oxygen to generate energy. Most doctors haven’t heard of this test, though. It’s one I invented. Bio-Energy Testing is what I call it. And I’ve written two books about it: Bursting With Energy and The Type-2 Diabetes Breakthrough.

After more than 10 years of testing my patients’ metabolism, if there’s one thing I’m absolutely sure of it is this: The key to slowing down aging and preventing disease is maintaining a youthful and healthy metabolism as you get older. And you can’t do that unless you have your metabolism tested.

When Bill Cortright first heard about Bio-Energy Testing, he immediately recognized the importance. He called me up and installed it in his very large and very exclusive fitness club. Within six months, he called me up and said, “Frank, this is amazing! I have never seen results like I’m now getting. This ability to measure metabolism has allowed me to finally unlock the code that keeps so many people stuck in their fatigue and weight gain. It’s all about stress!”

Well, Bill was definitely on to something. He had been a student of the way the body responds to stress for many years. But he was now seeing how that response was creating a block in many susceptible people. A block that prevented them from feeling strong and energetic — and maintaining a healthy weight.

When Bill talks about stress, he’s not implying that it’s the stress itself that’s causing the problem. Or that anyone with this problem is a “stress case.” No, he’s referring to the fact that the way each person’s body responds to stress is different. And there are many out there who respond to stress in a way that depresses their metabolism. Fortunately, using Bio-Energy Testing and other laboratory tests, it is possible to design a very successful system to turn all this around.

Now, three years later, after treating literally thousands of people who struggle with weight and energy, he has finally written a book about his program. The book describes what he has learned and how you can overcome stress and finally lose weight. His book is The Stress Response Diet and Lifestyle Program.

If you or anyone you care about can’t seem to find the right answer to a weight problem by focusing only on what diet and exercise, this is for you. I highly recommend you get a copy of Bill’s book. You can learn more about Bill and his new book as well as order a copy at www.srdiet.com.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

Copyright 2011 Soundview Publishing, LLC

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