Volume 4, Issue 21
May 26, 2011

How you are changing the FDA

You probably know that medical “science” is not really that — at least not the way we would like it to be. If it really were medical science, then we would have nothing but unbiased doctors and medical researchers looking at what is best for patients regardless of profits and special interests. Unfortunately, it’s not that way.

Big Pharma controls medical “science” these days, along with attorneys and bureaucratic regulators. More and more shocking data is now emerging about how significantly doctors are influenced by the drug companies. Big Pharma hits the doctors from all sides. Whether it’s drug reps, medical journals beholden to drug company advertisers, conferences run by pharmaceutical companies, or academies sponsored by the drug companies, all doctors see these days are drugs, drugs, and more drugs.

Any doctors who want to think a little outside of the box, find huge threats from liability constraints and government agencies who decide for them how they should treat their patients. Many times these doctors will lose their license to practice medicine just because they step outside the drug loop.

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Happily, though, another factor is now emerging that’s turning the tide. It’s you!

According to the Los Angeles Times, “Prodded by consumer and dental activists, the Food and Drug Administration is reviewing the scientific evidence underlying its pronouncement less than 18 months ago that dental fillings containing mercury do not cause harm to patients.”

What’s really great about this is that according to Nancy Stade, deputy director for policy in the FDA’s medical device center, the review is “not being taken because of new data.” The data remains the same. The only reason they are re-evaluating the issue is because of public pressure.

So why does it take patients to stop dentists from putting a toxic heavy metal like mercury into the bodies of healthy men, women (including pregnant women), and children? The answer is that the regulators like the FDA, the American Dental Association, and the regulatory boards are all in the same bed. They all have vested interests that have nothing to do with science or with doing what is right.

The Times article sums it up this way, “The issue is potentially thorny because if the FDA determined that amalgam fillings posed a risk, millions of people would have to decide whether to have them removed, and if so, how to pay for that.”

Get that? It’s about money, not about science. I will add that it’s also about ego. If the FDA were actually to ban mercury fillings, the American Dental Association would have serious egg on its face since it has been saying for years that somehow mercury suddenly becomes completely safe when it’s in teeth.

On the other hand, the science is very obvious. Mercury is extremely toxic – even in small amounts. So toxic that when a dentist removes a mercury filling (they’re called silver fillings, although they contain 50% mercury), the FDA requires him to dispose of it in hazard containers. That’s the same filling that was once in someone’s mouth!

Mercury is so toxic that the dentist and his assistants must never touch the very same filling material that they are about to put into a child’s mouth. Then once it’s in your mouth, it has been conclusively shown to leak out into your body and show up in your urine, blood, and various body tissues. The amount of mercury four silver fillings release exceeds the amount of mercury that OSHA allows workers to be exposed to during a 40-hour week. And you’re exposed to these mercury fillings 24/7!

Should we really expect that the FDA will do the right thing even if it upsets the status quo? Maybe. The power of the voice of the people is becoming more and more apparent these days. And this latest FDA review emphasizes that.

What doctors, scientists, professional organizations, attorneys, and government regulators can’t do, you the people can. You can send your own personal comments to the FDA regarding their re-evaluation of placing a toxic metal like mercury into the mouths of children and pregnant mothers by e-mailing [email protected], or by calling 800-638-2041 or 301-796-7100. Please, make them hear your thoughts.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

REF: Zajac, Andrew. “FDA to reexamine use of mercury in dental fillings,” Tribune Washington Bureau, December 10, 2010. http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/wire/sc-dc-1211-fda-fillings-20101210,0,7377789.story.

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