Volume 3, Issue 41
October 28, 2010

The first step toward eliminating alternative medicine

As you may know, I don't like to talk politics. There are others who can deal with the politics of medicine better than I can. I just stay with what I know — how to help people get better. But today I am urging all of my readers to do all they can to stop ObamaCare. I believe that ObamaCare is just the first step toward eliminating access to alternative medicine. This is already happening in Canada, and it is likely to happen here unless you do all you can in Tuesday's election to stop it.

The root problem is that medical care has become so expensive that unless you are rich, you need insurance to get the help you need. There are three primary reasons for this. (1) Escalating malpractice litigation forces doctors to practice expensive defensive medicine. (2) Fraud. And (3) increasingly expensive technology.

And because medicine has become so expensive, insurance companies, whether they are government or privately owned, focus on keeping costs down. And that means limiting access — especially access to alternative therapies. And if you don't believe this can happen in the U.S., take a look at what is already happening in Canada.

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The Canadian public plan, just like our MediCare, does not pay for any therapies other than conventional medicine. Well. that's OK you say. At least patients can pay out of their pocket for it if they want. But that's not how it's working.ÿ Several provinces in Canada currently employ a number of "disincentives." These squeeze out doctors who offer services such as alternative medicine that they deem inappropriate by the bureaucrats.

One way is to deny physicians the ability to receive payment from the public plan if they see patients who pay out of pocket for services not covered by the public plan. This forces alternative doctors to make a choice. Either they stop offering alternative services, or they go broke. But it gets worse than this.

Even if a physician is gutsy enough to operate completely outside of the system, some provinces will not allow him/her to charge more for a service than the public plan approves. Of course in the case of alternative medicine, this means nothing! Once again, it's hard to keep your clinic running when your income is zero. In addition, just in case some aspiring insurance company decides to offer a policy that will cover alternative medical services, some provinces have ordered that insurance companies may cover only those services covered by the public plan.

All of these "disincentives" are there for one thing — to stop the spread of any kind of medical care that is not deemed appropriate by the public plan bureaucrats.

Everyone knows that we have a big problem in health care these days. Costs have escalated out of control. To combat this, insurance companies deny claims for all kinds of services. In the middle are countless people with pre-existing medical disorders that can't get insurance coverage of any kind. Nobody wants a restructuring of the health care industry more than I do. But government controlled socialized medicine is only going to take a bad situation and make it irrevocably worse. Instead of giving more of our liberties and power to the feds, let's ask our representatives to work on solving the real problems.

Senator Jim DeMint has already introduced a one page bill that will repeal ObamaCare. While it's obvious that this Congress won't be able to pass the "repeal it" legislation until we replace Obama, it does define a shared goal that those who want real health care reform can work toward. And it's a great start. Polls show that over 75% of Americans do not approve of ObamaCare.

The solution is to replace those who voted for ObamaCare with representatives who will pledge to repeal it. Please do what you can to preserve your medical freedoms. Go to www.repealitpledge.com and sign the pledge to refuse to vote for any candidate who has not vowed to repeal this legislation. As the numbers add up, candidates will begin to realize that they cannot win unless they agree to a repeal. This will force our legislators to do what we want them to do, not what they want to do.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

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