Volume 3, Issue 31
August 19, 2010

Are you drinking
"dead" water?

Sometimes I receive a letter from a subscriber that's so important, it deserves a longer response than I can publish in the letters section of my newsletter. I recently received such a letter. In his letter, Jacques asks a very important question about water.

"It is my understanding that reverse osmosis or distilled water are `dead' waters. At least that's what many in the alternative medical field say. They think these waters pose `mineral leaching' risks to the user. Do you agree? What's the best water to drink?"

The whole idea about the various waters that businesses promote these days is an interesting one. And there's a lot of confusion. Let's clear that up.

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First things first, though. These days, water is contaminated, and unless you filter your water, you are going to be drinking anything from lead and mercury to PCBs, dioxins, hard minerals, fluoride, chlorine, and even prescription drugs. The list is very long.

There is no question about this fact. None of us should be drinking any water that has not been purified either by distillation, reverse osmosis, ionization, or some other purification method.ÿ Now back to your question.

I suspect that there's more hype around "dead" and "live" water than anything else. Here's why. Some people claim that because purification processes remove the minerals from water, this is a problem. Unfortunately they have no clinical data to back up these claims. And, frankly, the claims don't make any sense. The minerals in water are inorganic minerals. These are the same minerals you find in dirt. Plants can use them. But our biological systems can't use them. We need organic minerals, which we get from plants. Plants take the inorganic minerals in water and dirt and make organic minerals. So, if you want more minerals, you'll need to eat more plants (or meat from animals that eat plants). But there's more.

Water is a magnetic molecule. That means that it has a north pole and a south pole. So just like when you place a lot of magnets close to each other, water molecules line up and form a magnetic "matrix." Now here's where it starts to become interesting:

Inside our cells, water also forms a magnetic matrix. This matrix is ordered so that each of the molecules lines up correctly. It's also infused with potassium atoms. Its function is dependent on how well it is ordered and how many potassium atoms it has. The orderliness of the matrix is critical to all aspects of cellular function. And our ability to produce energy from oxygen determines the orderliness of the matrix. The more efficiently we generate energy from oxygen, the more orderly the matrix is. And the converse is also true. The more ordered the matrix, the better we can generate energy from oxygen.

Many people say that "dead" water has a disordered matrix. "Live" water, they say, contributes to your cells' ability to maintain ordered water. The problem is that no one has produced any clinical data showing that people who drink these "live" waters have any advantage over those who don't. They have all kinds of theoretical and experimental "proof." But in terms of demonstrable evidence that they work, there isn't any.

Some manufacturers suggest that you can purify water with one of these processes and then make it orderly by treating it with magnetic fields. They then go on to suggest that this process is better for you. The problem with these claims is that they have no clinical data. So they don't really know if their claims are true. Does that mean these waters are a hoax? Not necessarily. They're just unproven. And if the theory is right, it's totally unnecessary for most people.

It's possible these special waters might be helpful for people battling difficult problems like cancer. But for healthy people who already have good oxygen utilization, plain old purified water is just fine. I drink reverse osmosis water that I purify directly from my tap. I've had no adverse effects from it at all — and I do a lot of testing to prove it. So don't spend your money on all of these fancy water systems. Instead, spend your money on a really good water filter.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

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