Volume 2, Issue 46
November 12, 2009

How asthmatics can improve
lung function naturally

A new study gives people with asthma or lung disease a natural way to battle their illness.

The study of 2,500 Welsh men between the ages of 45-59 found that eating a particular fruit improves breathing capacity.

The researchers divided the men into groups depending on their height and weight and how many apples they ate. They took into account the calories the men ate, and whether or not any of them smoked or exercised. Then the researchers measured the amount of air that each man was able to exhale in one second.

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The result? The men who ate five apples or more per week were able to exhale 138 milliliters more air than those who ate no apples. The researchers concluded that eating apples decreased the amount of obstructions found in the lung and bronchial passages. Other research backs up this finding.

Another study, again in England, looked at the dietary habits of 1,500 adults over one year. People who ate at least two apples per week had a 22-32% less chance of having an asthma attack than those eating fewer than two apples.

There are several reasons for the apple's protective effect on the lungs and the bronchial tubes. For one, apples have a high content of the bioflavonoid nutrient called quercetin.ÿ Quercetin acts like an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic medication in the body. It inhibits histamine and leukotriene. These are pro-inflammatory molecules that create the vasoconstriction and broncho-constriction that cause asthma attacks.

But that's not all. Did you know that there are over 450 different nutrients in one fresh apple? That means just about every nutrient you can think of is found in an apple.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

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Copyright 2009 Soundview Publishing, LLC

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