Volume 2, Issue 44
October 29, 2009

Why many gallbladder surgeries don't relieve abdominal pain

Tom had been sick for over six months. His stomach hurt constantly. And he was losing weight rapidly. After a battery of inconclusive tests, one doctor told him, "It's your gallbladder. Let me remove it and you'll feel better."

The surgeon was right. It was his gallbladder. But he didn't have to go under the knife to feel better. In fact, most gallbladder surgeries are not necessary. And many of them don't work.

That's because gallstones don't just appear in the gallbladder, as most doctors insist. They also can appear in the ducts of the liver as well. As a result, many unfortunate patients go through gallbladder surgery only to still have the pain.

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I had a patient in the other day from southern California. He wanted me to treat his hepatitis C. Like many of my hepatitis patients, he had a persistent discomfort in the area over his liver. The doctors have all assumed that the pain was due to the hepatitis. But when I palpated his liver, it was swollen but not tender.

I suggested to him that the pain was probably not related to the hepatitis, but was more than likely due to stones in the liver. He told me that he had asked his doctor about that particular possibility and was asked, "What have you been smoking? There is no such thing as stones in the liver." Unfortunately, this doctor had no idea of what he was talking about and he was a "liver specialist."

Apparently, he hadn't done his research. Medical literature has copiously described liver stones. A typical article appeared in the British Journal of Surgery, which of course described a surgical procedure to remove these stones. Somehow the authors did not realize that you can eliminate the same stones naturally without surgery.

There's a simple "gallbladder cleanse" that can correct gallbladder problems, including gallstones, and the pain they cause. And, better yet, this cleanse will work even if you've had a failed gallbladder surgery. That's right - a gallbladder cleanse that works without a gallbladder!

I have treated a great many patients with this procedure, many of whom had no gallbladder. The result of the cleanse was the elimination of hundreds of stones coming out in the stool. In next week's health alert, I tell you all about this cleanse and how to do it.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

Chen, M.F., Y.Y. Jan, C.S. Wang, T.L. Hwang, L.B. Jeng, S.C. Chen, and T.C. Chao. "Role of hepatic resection in surgery for bilateral intrahepatic stones." Br J Surg, 1997 September;84(9):1229-32.

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