Volume 2, Issue 36
September 3, 2009

The free and easy way to reduce
your breast cancer risk

Everything you've been taught about the sun by the mainstream media and the medical establishment is flat wrong! For years, they told us to stay out of the sun because it causes cancer. Turns out, as I've told you before, the sun is actually good for you. But now we have evidence that if you listened to their advice, you increased your risk of breast cancer.

Two revealing new studies, presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, have seriously undermined conventional wisdom about the sun. In the first study, out of the University of California at San Diego, researchers tested the blood levels of vitamin D in more than 1,750 women. They compared the levels between women who developed breast cancer and those who didn't. The women with the highest levels of vitamin D (greater than 52 nanograms per milliliter) had less than half the chance of getting cancer than the women with lower levels.

The important thing that the researchers noted was that in order to reach these higher levels of vitamin D, regular sunlight exposure is required. As you may know, sunlight exposure increases vitamin D production, and when exposure is low, the result is low vitamin D. This study (and others like it) conclusively proves that lack of adequate sunlight exposure increases your risk of breast cancer.

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The second study also demonstrated the link between sunlight and breast cancer risk. Researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto interviewed 1,700 women. Approximately one-third of the women were breast cancer patients. They found that the women who had the highest levels of sunlight exposure between the ages of 10 and 29 had a 40% reduced risk of breast cancer compared to women with the lowest exposure. The researchers believe that sunlight exposure during these years when breast tissue is in rapid development helps protect the breasts from cancer later in life.

Robert Bazell, a health correspondent on NBC, commented on the minimum amount of sunlight that's required to prevent breast cancer. He said that exposing your arms and face to direct sunlight at mid-day for 10 minutes is probably all that is needed. But that's an oversimplification. It's true if you live in sunny southern California. But you need much more time in the sun if you live in more northern latitudes.

What's astounding is that many Americans don't even get that much. But mainstream medicine along with the media has urged people to avoid sunlight at all costs. The amazing thing is that people go outside at all, with that dreadful sun shining all over the place. As with most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

It's true that too much sunlight, especially in lighter skinned people, causes a benign skin cancer called basal cell cancer. But too little sunlight can cause many more serious cancers. I recommend that everyone get at least two hours of sun exposure per week during the summer. By the way, even cloudy days are good sources of sunlight. Those in the northern latitudes should get outside as much as possible during the winter months.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

REF: "Study by Environmental Group Shows Toxic Chemicals End Up in Blood Samples," WebMD, Kathleen Doheny Published May 4, 2009.

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