Volume 2, Issue 24
June 11, 2009

Antibiotic resistant infections are incurable, right? Wrong!

There's a new type of infection lurking that modern medicine says is incurable. You may have heard of it as an antibiotics resistant infection. Doctors call them multidrug resistant infections. However, that is more likely the cause of the problem than a real name. These bugs are the result of the overuse of antibiotics. The more often you expose a given germ to antibiotics, the more likely it is that the germ will become resistant to those antibiotics.

These drug-resistant infections can include just about any bacterial infection. This includes tuberculosis and staph. And many of them are fatal.

This presents a real problem for modern medicine. It is so dependent on drugs, they don't know what to do when the drugs fail. But alternative medicine can provide the answer. In fact, there's an alternative treatment that can boost the effectiveness of antibiotics against these organisms. That treatment? Ozone therapy.

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Ozone therapy has been a personal interest of mine for almost three decades. It's an absolutely indispensable therapy for many of my patients fighting chronic diseases and long-term pain. Without it, many people just won't get better, no matter what they do. I have published two scientific papers about ozone therapy and its effects on infections, and have taught over 1,000 physicians worldwide how to use it with their patients. Here's an interesting article that backs up what I have been seeing with patients for years. It proves that ozone therapy actually makes antibiotics work better.

This study looked at 33 patients. All of them had acute progressive chronic pulmonary tuberculosis. None of them were responding to antibiotic therapy.

The patients in this study were going downhill. They were certain to die from their TB. Then their doctors started giving them regular ozone treatments along with the antibiotics that had previously failed to work. In 75% of them, the disease stabilized. The doctors verified the results by measuring the clinical improvement in their condition, X-rays, and laboratory testing. It turns out that using ozone therapy in combination with standard antibiotics often provides the additional oomph to cure these otherwise incurable infections.

But does ozone have the same effect on other infections resistant to antibiotics? What about MRSA (multi-drug resistant staph aureus) infections? A colleague of mine and I have treated five documented cases of MRSA. Three of these patients were supposed to have limbs amputated. One had MRSA of the foot, another of the leg, and a third of the hand. All three had taken continuous oral and intravenous antibiotic therapy for over a year. It wasn't working. The doctors thought amputation was the only way to eradicate the infections.

All three cases responded well to ozone therapy. And all three still have all their body parts. The other two cases involved infections in the skin. These cases responded equally well.

In addition to MRSA, I have treated several cases of hepatitis C. None of these patients were responding to their antiviral treatments. Again, in each case, the ozone controlled the infection. I have also seen similar results with HIV infections. Keep on reading Real Cures and you will hear much more about the marvels of ozone therapy in many other clinical cases.

I teach doctors how to use ozone therapy in a seminar that I offer twice a year. Your doctor can get all the details on upcoming seminars at www.ozonecourse.com. Also, you can find many of the doctors that have already learned how to use ozone at www.oxygenhealingtherapies.com.ÿ Hopefully, there is one close to you.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

REF: Belianin II, Titiukhina MV. Enhancing the impact of chemotherapy of tuberculosis with parenteral administration of dissolved ozone. Probl Tuberk. 2000;(6):57-61.

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