Volume 2, Issue 11
March 12, 2009

Get rid of irritable bowel syndrome by eating something most people throw away

Most people who have irritable bowel syndrome are still looking for a solution. Their doctor may prescribe drugs for it. But these treat the symptoms, not the cause. And most supplements do the same thing. But I've got some good news for you - I have a cure.

It comes from one of my favorite foods - the artichoke. But it's not the part you eat. It's the leaf.

In one study, a group of patients with IBS took capsules of artichoke leaf extract for six weeks. The results? It significantly reduced the severity of all of their symptoms. An amazing 96% of the patients rated artichoke leaf as better than or at least equal to the medications their doctor gave them. But with none of the side effects! I've found that when combined with an anti-yeast program (I'll give you my complete anti-yeast program in a future issue), artichoke leaf never fails to cure even the worst cases of IBS.

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Another study looked at the effects of artichoke leaf in 553 people with different kinds of gastrointestinal symptoms. The average age of the patients was 54.7 years. Each person had suffered for about three years prior to taking the artichoke leaf. The average period of use was only 43.5 days.

The researchers found some striking results. They discovered:

  • 71% of those complaining of constipation found relief

  • 68% of those with persistent gas (flatulence) improved

  • 72% of those who regularly experienced loss of appetite found improvement

  • 76% had their intestinal cramps relieved

  • 88% of those with frequent nausea and vomiting improved

Artichoke leaf was also effective in a double-blind study of people with indigestion from various causes. But it was particularly helpful to those with indigestion caused from insufficient bile. This is common in people who have had their gallbladder removed.

Most people know that the herb milk thistle (silymarin) is an excellent tonic for the liver. But you may not know that artichoke leaf is just as effective. Just like milk thistle, it protects and regenerates the liver, and completely protects it from potentially deadly doses of many toxins. It even protects the liver from the damage caused by the excessive use of alcohol.

Fortunately, you don't actually have to eat the leaf to get its benefits. The best way to take artichoke leaf is in capsules of the extract. You can buy the capsules at any health food store. The label should say that the extract is standardized to contain 15-18% caffeoylquiinic acids (also called chlorogenic acid) and/or 2-5% cynarin. Many researchers feel that the cynarin component is what is primarily responsible for its many benefits.

The usual dose is from 200-400 mg of the extract taken three times per day. Start with the higher dose, and decrease after you've seen maximum improvement. And remember that unlike drugs, herbs do not always work fast. It might very well take four to six weeks to see the best results.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD


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