Why cancer reoccurs when you use chemotherapy — and what to do when it does

Volume 13    |   Issue 124

I always encourage cancer patients to support their immune systems by taking supplements and eating a healthy diet. And this isn't just because cancer can diminish the immune system, leaving patients susceptible to other diseases. It's also because we can actually harness the power of the immune system to help fight the cancer itself. Now there's new research that shows how this works and why it's so important.

Most people are familiar with chemotherapy as a form of cancer treatment. Chemotherapy can be effective, but I'm sure you know that it comes with significant side effects. And research has found that it can't always kill every type of cancer cell. Even worse, these surviving cells develop resistance to the treatment.

A treatment option that people are often less familiar with is called immunotherapy. And this new research shows that it can be a very effective option for dealing with these dormant cells. Researchers at the VCU School of Medicine found that by utilizing immunotherapy at the right time — during tumor dormancy — they could wipe out the majority of the dormant cells and prevent the disease from advancing.

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They discovered this by treating breast cancer cells with a common form of chemotherapy. Most of the cancer cells died. But a few survived – enough to cause the cancer to recur in a patient. But when the researchers treated these cells with a product of the immune system, it killed the cells.

The editor of the journal that published the study, E. John Wherry, PhD, was very excited by these results. He said, "Immunotherapy has become a paradigm shift in medical treatment of disease. Now, instead of our drugs targeting only diseased cells, we can target the immune system and provoke cells of the immune system to do the job for us. This new study demonstrates the importance of this concept of exploiting the immune system in cancer to target residual disease that our cancer drugs miss."

I'm excited as well. But if you want your immune system to be strong enough to kill cancer cells, you need to give it a boost. Super Immune QuickStart is a great place to begin. It's full of 22 different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and immune-stimulating herbs to help your body detox and stay strong. Even if you don't have cancer, I think it's wise to keep your immune system as healthy as possible just in case you ever need its full force to go to battle for you.

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