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"I look forward to the day when everyone that goes into a doctor’s office is healthy, and is only there to learn how to stay that way."

Dr. Frank Shallenberger



"You have helped me in getting my cholesterol under control and now my blood pressure is almost perfect.

All done naturally!"

Iris M., AZ

"I particularly like the way Real Cures is so specific and all-inclusive. Real Cures strengthens my resolve to resist using unnatural and harmful drugs. The amount of good this has done me is probably immeasurable."

Don A., NJ

"Dr. Shallenberger's advice has been invaluable to me for over 7 years. My physical condition has improved dramatically in many ways. It has been a life changing experience, I am 63 years old and feel like I am in my 30's. Thank you Dr. S." 

Alex G, NV

"Keep up the good writing! I count on you to keep thinking outside the prescription pad." 

Barbara B, OK

Dr. Frank Shallenberger becomes editor of Second Opinion

Effective August 27, Dr. Frank Shallenberger took over editorial duties at Second Opinion. For the past seven years, Dr. Shallenberger has been writing his own newsletter, Real Cures.

In the pages of Real Cures, Dr. Shallenberger wrote about how to cure insomnia for good by getting down to the root cause. He showed his readers how to get rid of their allergies permanently by recalibrating their immune systems. And he wrote about an amazing breakthrough that is putting patients with Parkinson’s disease into complete and total remission!

And now he brings his expertise and his passion to the pages of Second Opinion.

If you are a subscriber, your subscription as well as all archived newsletter articles and health alerts from both Real Cures and Second Opinion can be found here. Your login is the same.

We welcome Dr. Frank Shallenberger to the helm of Second Opinion. He looks forward to bringing you many more years of health breakthroughs.

Should you have any questions, please contact us:

Health Alerts

Men, please read this: The quality of the rest of your life may depend on it!

I've repeatedly advised my patients and readers against conventional aggressive therapy for prostate cancer. I've repeatedly said the treatment is far worse than the disease, and that you're more likely to die by other causes. I've repeatedly warned against PSA screening. Now, the largest study to look at this issue since PSA testing became popular agrees with me.




How to Avoid Prostate Biopsies, Self-Treat a Rising PSA, and Keep Cancer Under Control

This is the kind of story that makes it all worth it. Bob is a 74-year-old guy who was more or less forced to take things into his own hands. About two years ago, he had a PSA of 8.4 ng/ml. His doctors told him he probably had prostate cancer and needed a biopsy (specifically a 12-core biopsy — more on that in a minute). But Bob has been a Real Cures reader for years. And he remembered that in the past I had reported that most prostate cancer biopsies were not needed. So he passed on that. And instead decided to find a doctor who knew how to treat prostate cancer naturally without needing a biopsy. And that’s where he started to have some problems.




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