You've probably heard quite a bit lately about the importance of your gut health. Research in this area is exploding, and for good reason. The more we learn about gut bacteria, the more links we find between these microscopic creatures and every other facet of our health. So it's not surprising that one of those links is close to home for the gut. A healthy gut can lead to a healthy colon, reducing the risk of colon cancer.

There are a lot of people who have allergies. Depending on what you read, allergies affect from 10-20% of the population. No one knows why some lucky people get allergies and others don’t, but for sure there is a genetic connection. Allergies can be from all kinds of things, including dust, mites, feathers, animal dander, molds, pollens, grasses, and foods. And, as many of you already know, the medications for allergies aren’t always the best solution. One journal looked at the current treatments fo­r allergies and reported that only 26% of allergy sufferers believed their symptoms were “well-controlled” or “completely controlled.” And that’s not the only problem allergy sufferers face.

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