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"The best treatment for any disease is not to get it. All disease is preventable, so start now while you are healthy."

Dr. Frank Shallenberger



"You have helped me in getting my cholesterol under control and now my blood pressure is almost perfect.

All done naturally!"

Iris M., AZ

“Your newsletter is one of the best among many I have read. We have used a number of items to benefit our personal health care.”

Norman A., FL

"Dr. Shallenberger's advice has been invaluable to me for over 7 years. My physical condition has improved dramatically in many ways. It has been a life changing experience, I am 63 years old and feel like I am in my 30's. Thank you Dr. S." 

Alex G, NV

"Keep up the good writing! I count on you to keep thinking outside the prescription pad." 

Barbara B, OK

Dr. Frank Shallenberger becomes editor of Second Opinion

Effective August 27, Dr. Frank Shallenberger took over editorial duties at Second Opinion. For the past seven years, Dr. Shallenberger has been writing his own newsletter, Real Cures.

In the pages of Real Cures, Dr. Shallenberger wrote about how to cure insomnia for good by getting down to the root cause. He showed his readers how to get rid of their allergies permanently by recalibrating their immune systems. And he wrote about an amazing breakthrough that is putting patients with Parkinson’s disease into complete and total remission!

And now he brings his expertise and his passion to the pages of Second Opinion.

If you are a subscriber, your subscription as well as all archived newsletter articles and health alerts from both Real Cures and Second Opinion can be found here. Your login is the same.

We welcome Dr. Frank Shallenberger to the helm of Second Opinion. He looks forward to bringing you many more years of health breakthroughs.

Should you have any questions, please contact us:

Health Alerts

Cut your risk of breast cancer by 5 times

"Will eating a diet high in soy protect me from breast cancer?" That's a question I hear frequently. And it's a good question. Study after study has shown that the chance of getting breast cancer in countries where soy is a major part of the diet is dramatically less than it is in countries where the people eat very little soy. So soy is protective against breast cancer. But the problem is how much soy do you need to eat to get the anti-cancer benefits? A recent study indicates that it's probably a lot more than you are going to eat.



Amazing New Treatment Stops Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, PTSD, and Much More

Let’s say you have chronic insomnia. It’s very common. I have seen patients who tell me that they haven’t slept peacefully as long as they can remember. Or perhaps you have persistent anxiety. You’re always tense and just can’t relax. You just seem to have been built that way. How about constant pains throughout your body? Or daily headaches?



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