How conventional medicine is making inroads in the treatment of sepsis

It's a scary fact that there are bacteria lurking in our world that can be fatal if not treated quickly and appropriately. And with the rise of antibiotic resistance, these bugs are becoming more common. A simple cut or scrape could turn deadly if it becomes infected. Fortunately, some hospitals are recognizing this risk and taking steps to reduce the chances of this happening.

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Why cancer reoccurs when you use chemotherapy — and what to do when it does

I always encourage cancer patients to support their immune systems by taking supplements and eating a healthy diet. And this isn't just because cancer can diminish the immune system, leaving patients susceptible to other diseases. It's also because we can actually harness the power of the immune system to help fight the cancer itself. Now there's new research that shows how this works and why it's so important.

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How to know if your eggs are healthy or not

Have you ever asked yourself why egg yolks are yellow? And what's the difference between eggs with yolks that are pale yellow, deep yellow, or even orange? There are some very interesting answers to this question. And the answers all point out to how nutritious and important egg yolks are to our diets.

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