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New medical breakthrough
reverses degenerative diseases,
including arthritis, heart disease,
and macular degeneration

Proven in studies.  Formerly illegal,
but now FDA-approved


Imagine there was a way to repair damaged bones, nerves, and tendons without surgery or injections.

Imagine if that same treatment could rejuvenate worn organs like your liver, your pancreas, and your adrenal glands.

Imagine if it could reverse degenerative conditions like heart disease, macular degeneration, and autoimmune diseases.

And imagine if you could use the treatment to get rid of chronic pain that’s been plaguing you for years or even decades … and to do so in as little as an hour.

Sounds crazy, I know. But believe it or not, such a treatment exists. In fact, if you watch professional sports, you’ve already witnessed the power of this treatment!

The occasion was Super Bowl XXXIX, with the New England Patriots playing the Philadelphia Eagles. Just weeks before the game, superstar wide receiver Terrell Owens suffered a devastating injury. The membrane holding together his tibia and fibula was ripped. His external stabilizing ligament was also torn. And, to make matters worse, his fibula was fractured.

An injury like this usually needs a healing time of three to four months. And even then, there is usually tremendous scarring, permanent pain, and permanent immobility.

Fortunately, Terrell saw an alternative doctor who gave him the treatment I’m going to tell you about. And the rest, as they say, is history. Just six weeks after the injury, Terrell Owens did what doctors said was impossible: He played in the Super Bowl possessing full range of motion and almost no pain.

But he didn’t just play in the Super Bowl — he had nine receptions for 122 yards! That’s an awesome game for anyone, let alone someone who had just suffered a career-threatening injury.

And Terrell Owens is not the only athlete who has had his career saved by this treatment. Another is pro golfer Bill Glassen.

Bill was in an airplane many years ago when it was hit by lightning. The strike sent massive amounts of electricity through his body. The results were devastating. He couldn’t focus mentally. The brain fog it caused was so bad he couldn’t even balance a checkbook. Needless to say, he wasn’t able to play professional golf anymore.

But his mental issues were only part of his problem. His entire body was constantly in pain.

He suffered through three surgeries for knee pain, all of which failed. The surgeons didn’t realize that the source of Bill’s pain was not his knees. His knees were fine. The source of his pain was the damage done to his brain and nervous system.

Like Terrell Owens, Bill went to an alternative doctor and received the treatment I’m going to tell you about. In just three days, his mental fog was gone and his pain was virtually eliminated. The results were so miraculous that he was able to return to the professional tour. He soon finished a tournament in fourth place out of 250 competitors.

How It Works

So what is this amazing treatment, and how does it work? The treatment is called FSM, or frequency specific micro-current. During the procedure, tiny electrodes are attached to the injured area. These electrodes deliver a tiny, imperceptible electrical current (just millionths of an amp).

This current is at the same frequency as what the body’s cells normally produce. So it causes those cells to resonate.

Remember the movies where an opera singer hits a specific note and shatters a crystal glass? That occurs because all substances have a specific frequency at which they resonate. The singer hits the frequency that causes the glass to resonate, and because glass is brittle, the resonating causes it to shatter.

Well, all objects resonate at certain frequencies. Most are not as brittle as glass, so they don’t shatter. But they still resonate.

The cells of the body are no exception. When they are stimulated at the correct frequency, they resonate. This increases cellular activity, which in turn increases the energy produced by the cells. In fact, one study found that cells increase their production of ATP (the energy molecule) by a whopping 500%! That’s five times the energy!

But that’s not all. Research shows that FSM increases the rate of protein synthesis by 70%.

In other words, it helps re-build damaged tissue.

Let me say that again. FSM helps re-build the parts of your body, whether it’s tendons, ligaments, or organs.

A Medical Breakthrough that Was Suppressed

While it sounds like a 21st century therapy, FSM has its roots in the early 1900s. Back then, pioneers like Royal Rife had great success using frequency machines to treat all kinds of illnesses, big and small. By the 1920s, hundreds of doctors were using frequency machines in their practices … and getting excellent results for their patients.

Then in 1934, Morris Fishbein, the president of the American Medical Association stepped in. He declared that electromagnetic devices were “unscientific” and that any doctor using them would be stripped of their license.

At the time, the AMA had complete power to revoke medical licenses. As a result, many doctors caved in to Fishbein’s demands. Usage of the machines declined and companies stopped manufacturing them. Finally, the FDA came in and removed any remaining machines from the market. The machines — and their operating manuals — were destroyed.

It looked as though this medical breakthrough would be lost forever. Then, one day in the 1950s, a doctor named Harry Van Gelder bought a practice in Vancouver, British Columbia. As Harry went through the office, he found an old-time frequency machine from the 1920s — plus a binder that listed the frequencies used to treat various conditions!

A chiropractor named George Douglass knew Harry and spent three months in 1987 working at his clinic. George copied down the frequencies and returned to Portland Oregon, where he shared them with his colleague Dr. Carolyn McMakin. And that’s when micro-current frequencies really began to take off.

Dr. McMakin got some folks in the electronics business to build her a machine. She started using the machine on herself, and then on volunteers. Once it became obvious that these frequencies could do no harm, she began using them on her chiropractic patients.

The results were immediate and dramatic. The frequencies did exactly what they were supposed to do. The frequency listed as “decreasing inflammation” reduced inflammation. The frequency listed as “reducing scar tissue” reduced scar tissue. The frequency listed as “stopping bleeding” stopped bleeding. And so on.

After treating patients and observing the effects for over a year, Dr. McMakin started sharing the technique with other doctors to see if the effects were reproducible. She wanted to make sure that the effects were real, and not the result of the placebo effect or some other effect that was unique to her clinic. By mid 1997, it was apparent that the other doctors using FSM were achieving the same results.

Meanwhile, Dr. McMakin continued to expand her list of frequencies. In 1998, she found the right combination of frequencies to treat sciatica. And in 1999, she found the frequencies for treating fibromyalgia. Dr. McMakin published the results of her findings, and more doctors came to her clinic to be trained in the technique.

Today, Dr. McMakin’s network of doctors has expanded to hundreds of doctors. I am one of those doctors, and I have had amazing results using FSM on my patients. I’ve also witnessed the use of FSM by Dr. McMakin and other doctors.

Here are some case histories of some of the ailments that FSM treats:

Macular Degeneration

A dear relative of mine has had macular degeneration since 1985. When he was first diagnosed, he came to see me, and I did what I usually did. I put him on a nutritional “cocktail” consisting of lutein, taurine, and several other antioxidants.

This nutritional cocktail did a great job of slowing down the decline. In fact, my relative’s vision stayed well enough that a full twelve years later, he was still able to drive.

But as great as this nutritional cocktail was, it didn’t cure his macular degeneration; it only slowed it down. By 2005, my relative’s vision had gotten much worse and he had to give up driving. Even worse, he could no longer read his favorite books or his morning paper. And worst of all, he found it hard to make out the faces of friends and loved ones unless they were right in front of him.

Fortunately, I had a new weapon in my arsenal — FSM. My relative sat down for a treatment, and what happened next was nothing short of astonishing. After just one 20-minute treatment, my relative was able to read three additional lines on the eye chart! Yes, three additional lines. His vision was literally restored to what it had been years ago!

Heart Disease

Jim was a 55-year-old who was in such bad shape that he couldn’t make it more than 20 seconds on a treadmill. His EKG showed ischemia, which is oxygen starvation to the heart. This is a sure sign of an impending heart attack.

Jim’s cardiologist wanted to hustle him off to surgery. But Jim chose FSM instead. The result? In just a few months, he could do 22 minutes on the treadmill with no discernable ischemia!


Dr. McMakin treated 49 different patients who had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Result: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most painful, the average amount of pain was reduced from 7.3 to 1.3 — on the first treatment! And with subsequent treatments, 31 of the 49 patients recovered completely. Their pain was completely gone, and it was gone forever.

More Results

Dr. McMakin told me she has a 100% success rate in eliminating pain from shingles. And she has a 100% success rate in correcting hyperthyroidism, pain from kidney stones, and carpal tunnel syndrome if they’re caught early.
There have also been reports of doctors successfully treating diabetes, breathing problems, and neurological problems.

It seems like the sky’s the limit for FSM. The main limitation is in discovering the real problem with each patient. Sometimes it’s difficult to get to the root cause of the problem (as we saw with the case of golfer Bill Glassen). That’s where the training of the practitioner is so crucial.

There’s so much more I want to tell you about FSM, but I don’t have room here. That’s why I’d like to send you a brand new Special Report called New Breakthroughs in Regenerative Medicine. The report gives you all the details on FSM, including a complete list of doctors who offer it in the U.S. and Canada.

There are a lot of people on the internet claiming they use healing frequencies, but my experience is that most other machines being used today are far inferior to the FSM technology. Even worse, some people on the web are just hucksters trying to sell bogus “Rife machines” that are nothing more than a bunch of wires hooked together.

To get the type of results I’ve talked about in this article, you’ll want to go to a health professional who’s been trained and certified in FSM. You’ll get a complete list of these professionals in your report.

The information in this report is priceless.

But with your permission, I’d like to send it to you absolutely free. It’s my way of introducing you to my award-winning health bulletin, SECOND OPINION.

Every month in SECOND OPINION, I give you the low-down on the latest discoveries in health and wellness. I tell you what works and what’s a lot of baloney ... and I give you a clear plan of action to take for a long, healthy life.

Info You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Very often, the information in SECOND OPINION is information you won’t find anywhere else. You see, despite all the information out there today …

despite all the newsletters on alternative health … despite all the books and magazines ... despite all the websites and e-zines and cable TV shows … many of the biggest health breakthroughs are still largely unknown.

Let me give you a great example. There’s a powerful remedy that’s not known to one doctor out of a thousand. Yet it’s been proven to …

Cure Arthritis Permanently!

If you suffer from arthritis or joint injuries, then here’s amazing news. You don’t have to suffer any longer … you don’t have to take drugs … and you don’t have to take glucosamine, SAM-e, or other expensive supplements.

That’s because there’s a new breakthrough that re-builds worn-out cartilage, ligaments, and even tendons. And the cure is permanent.

A good example is my patient Mary S, who had severe arthritis of the knee. Mary hobbled into my office using a walker. Her X-rays showed absolutely no joint space. In other words, her cartilage was completely gone and her bones were grinding against each other.

To further complicate things, Mary is about 100 pounds overweight. That’s a serious risk for anyone’s knees, no less someone with severe arthritis.

I gave Mary a series of treatments, and today she feels like a different person. Her pain is significantly reduced. She walks without the walker. She has avoided knee replacement surgery, and she has her big smile back. And this relief came without even a pound of weight loss!

Another example is Mary T., age 74. Mary loved to ride horses. But the degeneration in her knees caused so much pain that she couldn’t ride anymore. Her doctor recommended knee replacement surgery. But Mary came to me instead. After only three sessions, she was riding her horse again!

Then there’s Patrick. He has degenerating hips. Surgeons recommended hip replacement surgery.

So far, I’ve given Patrick three treatments. He rates his pain dropping from a 10 down to a 2.

So what is this amazing treatment? It’s called Prolozone®, and it’s a combination of two therapies that speed up your body’s own healing mechanisms. Those two therapies are prolotherapy and ozone therapy.

If you’re well-read, you may have heard about prolotherapy. In prolotherapy, a doctor injects a special solution into the injured joint. This causes an inflammation, which triggers a healing response.

Almost immediately, your body’s own healing fluids converge on the affected area. Macrophage cells clear the area of waste and damaged tissue. Then fibroblast cells make their way to the area and start making new collagen. Finally, cells called chondrocytes come in and lay down new cartilage over the collagen. When all is said and done, your body has grown itself a new set of joints!

Several studies prove that prolotherapy works. There’s also a great deal of anecdotal evidence from doctors who’ve used it, including former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop.

I’ve been using prolotherapy in my practice for over 19 years and I can testify that it does work. But as good as it is, it does have its drawbacks. First of all, it often requires many treatments. Second, the treatments can be very painful. Most people are just not willing to go through all the time and pain to get results.

The good news is that you no longer have to.


Victory Over Cancer

“I won, I won, I won! Thank you for taking the fear of cancer out of my life!”

— Millie R., Horse Shoe, NC

As I mentioned a moment ago, there is a new method called prolozone that combines prolotherapy with ozone. The results of this combination are miraculous. Patients heal in a small fraction of the time — and without pain!

Here’s how it works: First, we inject a solution containing the anesthetic procaine, along with some vitamin B12 and folic acid. The procaine brings immediate pain relief, while the vitamins stimulate the DNA of healing cells to get in action for a longer-term fix.

Then, while the syringe is still in place, we inject a small amount of oxygen mixed with medical ozone.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is an active form of oxygen that contains three atoms instead of two. As you may know, oxygen atoms like to travel in pairs. Since ozone contains a third oxygen atom, it wants to give that extra atom away. Which means that whenever ozone comes into contact with a cell, it gives up the extra oxygen atom, and the cell takes it in.

As a cell takes in more oxygen, it’s able to produce more energy and work more efficiently. That means that all the cells that create new collagen and cartilage are able to work better and faster, re-building your joints at lightning speed. That’s how Patrick was able to avoid hip replacement. It’s how Mary S. was able to throw away her walker. It’s how Mary T. was able to start riding horses again.

And these folks are not alone. Prolozone has now helped thousands of patients. And it can help you, too. You’ll get complete details in your free report New Breakthroughs in Regenerative Medicine. The report gives you all the details on prolozone, including where to find a doctor near you who does the procedure.

But that’s not all. The report also tells you …

How to Use Your Body’s Own Stem Cells
to Reverse Old Age and Heal Disease

One of the biggest stories of our time is the story of stem cell technology. Researchers around the world are racing to see if stem cells can be used to cure disease and even to re-grow damaged body parts.

As you may know, stem cells are primitive “parent cells” that can morph into any type of cell. It’s through stem cells that a single fertilized egg grows into an entire human being.

This fact has fascinated scientists for years. For years, the scientists have been trying to find ways to use stem cells to regenerate organs and other body parts. And lately, they’ve been succeeding. At the University of Pittsburgh, researchers were able to re-grow a soldier’s missing finger. At the University of Minnesota, they were able to grow an entire rat heart from scratch. And at Wake Forrest University, they have successfully made 18 different types of body tissues.

Of course, this raises all kinds of moral and ethical questions — everything from where the stem cells come from to whether it’s even OK for scientists to “play God.”

There are practical and financial considerations, too. The practical consideration is that if there’s not a good tissue match, your body will reject it. The financial consideration is that a single stem-cell treatment can cost up to $35,000 or more.

Well, here’s good news. It is now possible to harvest your own body’s stem cells, and to use those cells to fix all types of health problems. Since the cells are coming from your own body, there is no tissue rejection and there are no moral issues. In addition, the cost is reasonable, the whole procedure is done at a doctor’s office, and it only takes a couple of hours.

The main downside is that it can be painful. But I’ve had it done myself and the pain wasn’t too bad. (You should know that I always try these therapies on myself before recommending them to my readers. This includes the FSM, prolozone, and stem cell procedures I’m recommending here.)

No, you won’t be able to use this stem cell procedure to re-grow a missing limb or repair a severed spinal cord. But you will be able to fix a lot of other health problems. I’ve seen this procedure heal people with arthritis, diabetes, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, macular degeneration, kidney failure, COPD, and more.

If you have any of these ailments or know someone who does, you owe it to yourself to find out more. Complete details are in your special report, New Breakthroughs in Regenerative Medicine. And the report is FREE with your trial subscription to SECOND OPINION.

Every month in SECOND OPINION, you’ll find out about the latest breakthroughs in health and healing. You’ll get advice — in plain English — on how to look better, feel better, and stay out of the doctor’s office. Plus, you’ll find proven remedies for everything from minor health irritations to serious diseases.

In the past few years, there’s been an absolute explosion of new information on these illnesses. And every day there are new studies, new findings, new and better health solutions. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with these breakthroughs ... and why I bring them to you every month.

You see, I want you to have this information now — not ten years from now when the medical establishment finally catches up!

  • I want you to be able to prove your gloom-and-doom doctors wrong when they say there’s no cure or no hope ...
  • I want you to avoid ever having to sleep in a hospital ... or worse yet, a nursing home ...
  • I want you to protect your life savings from escalating medical costs, from insurance companies that don’t pay up, and from a Medicare system that’s going bust ...
  • And most of all, I want you to enjoy the kind of health, vitality, and energy that friends twenty years younger will envy!

My mission in publishing SECOND OPINION is to bring you all that and more!

By now, you’re probably wondering what a subscription to SECOND OPINION costs. Actually, it’s a lot less than you’d think ... especially when you consider the money it can save you on health bills.

Even with your insurance covering most of the bills, a round of doctor’s visits and prescription medications can cost you plenty. And if you end up in a hospital, it can mean hundreds — even thousands — of dollars out of your pocket.

The cover price of SECOND OPINION is just $96. But if you subscribe as part of this special introductory offer, you don’t even have to pay HALF that amount.

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Free Gift #2                                                                                                                  

Make Your Body Younger — By Flooding Your Cells With Oxygen

Want to know the single biggest difference between a 25-year-old body and a 75-year-old body? According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, the answer is that the 25-year-old’s body is better able to utilize oxygen!

This makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Oxygen is the fuel of life. It’s required for every process of every cell in the body. So it stands to reason that the better able your body is to utilize oxygen, the stronger and more energetic it will be.

Many doctors believe that the aging process causes your body to be less efficient at using oxygen. But the fact is, they’ve got it backwards! Being less efficient at using oxygen is what causes aging!

And here’s the most amazing part: When you fix that inefficiency and make your body better at using oxygen, you can quite literally reverse the aging process.

Want proof? Then listen to the story of my patient Gary F. Gary was a business executive, with all the trappings of success. He and his wife Janice had been married for 26 years. They’d enjoyed an active lifestyle all those years… and loved to go on long mountain hikes in the California Sierras.

But sometime around the age of 60, Gary’s biological systems began to wane. First, his sexual function began to deteriorate. Then, gradually, the rest of his body followed.

When Gary came to my office, he was just 62, but he looked much older. He told me he felt feeble and worn out, and couldn’t do much of anything without getting tired and running out of breath.

“Doc,” he said. “I don’t understand it. I always thought that if I took my vitamins and supplements and kept active I’d continue to be strong and healthy. But now I feel like I’m getting old fast… and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

I examined Gary, and except for some slightly elevated blood pressure, his tests came back “normal.” His lab tests were fine, he didn’t have cardiovascular disease, his prostate was normal, and there seemed to be no reason for his lack of energy and sexual function other than what most doctors would call “old age.”

I knew exactly what to do: I immediately started Gary on a daily treatment called EWOT.


Second Opinion
Saved My Life!

— Jackie Armstrong, Branford, Ontario

By the third day of treatment, Gary was already starting to look better. His face was brighter, his blood pressure had dropped by 24 points, and he told me he was very excited about the way things were going.

On the fifth day, Gary walked into my office with a smile on his face and a bounce in his step. He confided in me that the night before, he and his wife had sex for the first time in two years!

By the third week, Gary told me he felt 10 years younger. His sex life was terrific. His blood pressure was normal. And he could hike up a steep mountain for 2 hours with no problems whatsoever!

So what exactly is this EWOT treatment that works so well?

EWOT simply stands for “Exercise With Oxygen Therapy.” It consists of walking on a treadmill for 15 minutes while simultaneously breathing from an oxygen mask. That’s all there is to it!

But don’t let its simplicity fool you. EWOT is one of the world’s most effective way to get more oxygen into the blood stream. And it creates changes in your body that are nothing short of amazing.

I’ve seen EWOT heal all kinds of “old age” ailments, including joint problems … memory and concentration problems … fatigue … and liver and internal organ disturbances. Plus burns… infections… radiation exposure… and even emphysema and the late effects of strokes.

But you don’t have to be old and sick to try EWOT. In fact, most of the people who use it are already healthy and want to stay that way!

They’re people who want to continue doing the things they love. People who enjoy gardening, traveling, golfing, or playing with their grandchildren.

People who know that life is precious and want to spend every day on this earth living life to the fullest. If you’re one of those people, then you’ll want to get your hands on a new Special Report I’ve written. It’s called How to Reverse the Aging Process Cell by Cell, and it reveals how you can stay healthy, youthful and energetic.

The report gives you complete, step-by-step instructions on how to use EWOT. It tells you where to get your supply of oxygen… how much oxygen flow to give yourself… and which two supplements you need to take a half-hour before each exercise session. (They help your body’s intake of oxygen.)

Click here to protect your quality of life and make your friends drool with envy at how great you look and feel…try SECOND OPINION today!

The report is yours free. You’ll also get …

Free Gift #3                                                              

Kill Any Infection In Hours —
Even Cold, Flu and Super Bugs!

There’s no cure for a cold or flu, right? Wrong. My patients usually get rid of their cold and flu symptoms in just hours.

Let me tell you about Andrew L., who came into my office just the other day. Andrew had a terrible case of the flu, with every nasty symptom you can have. He had fatigue, a runny nose, and a sore throat so bad that he told me it felt like someone had rubbed sandpaper on it. He also told me his body was so achy that the very act of lying in bed was painful.

After examining Andrew, I gave him a simple treatment called UBI therapy. Just ten minutes later, he got up from the table with an amazed look on his face. His head was clear, the fog was lifting from his brain, and he just felt dramatically better.

I sent him on his way and told him to give us a follow-up call and let me know how he was doing. The next day, he called to tell me he felt so much better that he was shoveling construction debris at his house! He couldn’t believe it!

Here’s a treatment that totally eradicated Andrew’s flu in a matter of hours. Yet if you ask most doctors, they’ll tell you this is impossible. They’ll tell you the only way to treat a virus is to let it run its course. Was this successful treatment some sort of coincidence or fluke?


UBI therapy has been tested and proven in prestigious research centers such as Yale University.

And I personally have healed hundreds of people with UBI therapy ... for dozens of different infections. It’s worked for influenza … pneumonia ... hepatitis ... strep ... staph ... blood poisoning ... food poisoning ... tetanus ... rabies ... snake bites ... toxic mold … and more.

And the evidence suggests that it would be just as effective for Ebola, hantavirus, bird flu, anthrax poisoning, and other “Super Bugs.” Not to mention all those antibiotic- resistant bacteria that people catch at the hospital.

Look: the chances that you or a loved one will contract a deadly super bug are hopefully pretty small. But wouldn’t it be good to have the name and number of the nearest doctor who performs UBI, just in case you ever needed it? Wouldn’t it be great to have this doctor’s number in case you acquired a nasty case of strep or pneumonia? And wouldn’t it be great to have another healing option the next time you have a case of the flu? Of course it would.

That’s why I wrote a Special Report called Kill any Infection in Hours — Even Cold, Flu, and Super Bugs. The report tells you everything you need to know about UBI therapy, and includes a list of every doctor in the country who performs it. And it’s yours free.

You’ll also get …

Free Gift #4                                                                                                                  

New Breakthroughs for Preventing and Surviving Cancer

For most of us, there’s nothing scarier than the thought of getting cancer. Over 500,000 Americans die of this cruel disease every year, and very often they die long, drawn-out, painful deaths.

And the worst part is that there’s no cure. Most alternative remedies for cancer are pathetically inadequate. Sure, they boost your body’s immunity. But when you have advanced cancer, these remedies are too little, too late.
And chemotherapy is even worse. Sure, it kills cancer cells. But it also kills healthy ones. It ravages your body and wipes out your immune system, making it nearly impossible for you to recover.

But what if there was a way to get all the cancer-killing power of chemotherapy without harming healthy cells? What if there was a way to harness this power and get chemo to work the way we want it to … and to boost your immune system at the same time?


Praise from Doctor

“I have a medical practice and subscribe to your newsletter, as do many of my patients. Your newsletter has had a definite impact on the growth of alternative medicine in South Dakota. Thanks and keep up the good work.”
— T. M., MD, Chamberlain, SD

Well, brace yourself, because in this free special report you’re going to learn how to do just that!

First, you’re going to find out about a startling breakthrough that makes chemotherapy drugs target cancer cells only. That’s right. When a doctor uses this treatment, the chemotherapy drugs go straight to the tumor and bypass the healthy cells!

Second, you’re going to find out about all the natural remedies I use to boost the immunity of my cancer patients and bring their bodies back to health.
Third, you’re going to find out about the handful of natural cancer-killing remedies that really do kill cancer cells. As I mentioned before, most natural remedies do very little. But these really do work, and when used in conjunction with natural immune boosters and targeted chemo, get exceptional results.

I’ve seen dozens of long-term remissions, even among patients who were written off as “terminal.” So if you know someone with cancer, I strongly urge you to send away for this free report.

Free Gift #5                                                                                                                       

Can This $2 Nutrient Possibly Cure Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the most frightening conditions in the world. Not only does it destroy people’s mental abilities… but it robs them of their dignity and their very personality.

Ask any doctor and they will tell you that there is no way to reverse the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease. They will tell you the best you can hope for is to slow it down.

But all that’s about to change. That’s because researchers at the University of California believe they may have found a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Here’s the remarkable story:

Researchers at the University of California recently took a group of mice and genetically engineered them to get Alzheimer’s. Then they gave half the mice a $2 nutrient that’s been used safely for decades. They gave the other half a placebo. Then they performed short-term and long-term memory tests on the mice.

The results were nothing short of amazing. The mice that received the $2 nutrient performed as well in the memory tests as normal mice. The $2 nutrient not only protected their brains from memory loss, but it actually restored lost memory!

In the words of the lead researcher: “Cognitively, they were cured. It’s as if they’d never developed the disease.”

How is this possible? The answer is that Alzheimer’s disease breaks down the microtubules or “highways” in your brain that help conduct information between neurons. But this $2 nutrient stops that from happening. When scientists examined the brains of the mice receiving this nutrient, they discovered they had wider, more stable highways than the mice who received the placebo.

But that’s not all. Alzheimer’s disease also causes a build-up of dangerous “tau” proteins in your brain. Tau proteins stop nerves from functioning and eventually kill them. But this $2 nutrient prevents tau proteins form forming.

In fact, when researchers examined the brains of the mice receiving this $2 nutrient, they couldn’t find any tau proteins! Researchers called the results, “absolutely dramatic.”

In fact, the results were so dramatic that the researchers are already conducting new studies on humans. Will humans respond to the remedy as well as mice did? No one knows. But when you consider that Alzheimer’s disease in humans is virtually identical to the disease in the experimental mice, this $2 nutrient could be the Alzheimer’s breakthrough of all time!

The results of the human studies may not be published for another year or more. And if you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you can’t afford to wait that long. The good news is that you don’t have to wait. That’s because this $2 nutrient is readily available, and it has a long history of safety. You’ll get complete details, including the corresponding human dose, in your free report The $2 Alzheimer’s Cure.

Discover the answers to today’s most stubborn health problems! Click here to become a SECOND OPINION subscriber and we’ll rush you your free gifts today!

You’ll also get …

Free Gift #6                                                                                                                       

New Breakthroughs in the Treatment of Osteoporosis

Did you know that 9 out of 10 of post-menopausal women have some degree of osteoporosis? Or that if you’re a woman over 60, your chance of having a hip fracture is equal to your risk of breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer combined? It’s true!

Well here’s something else you should know: Thanks to new scientific breakthroughs, you can not only prevent osteoporosis, but you can actually reverse it! And you’ll learn how in this Special Report.

This report goes beyond the tired advice to take calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. Instead, it tells you about an amazing new discovery that stops your body from breaking down bone. It also tells you about a safe, natural method that creates tiny electrical charges throughout your bones, creating new bone growth.

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The Deep-Sea Cure for Weight Problems and Diabetes

If you’re having trouble losing weight or keeping it off, then I have amazing news for you. Researchers at the University of Washington have discovered that the extract of a rare sea plant can help you lose weight and lower blood sugar.

In one study, people who took the extract were able to lose 4 pounds of fat in just 2 weeks. Even more amazing, the people taking the extract gained muscle mass — without doing any exercise.

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End All Prostate Problems, Including Cancer

Painful urination … multiple nighttime trips to the bathroom … erection difficulties. It’s truly a humbling way to live.

Fortunately, there are natural solutions to prostate problems. And you’ll get them all here. You’ll get the complete low-down on saw palmetto, pygeum, and other remedies. You’ll also find out about the single best thing you can take to prevent prostate cancer (not lycopene, but something even more amazing).

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How to Make Your Supplements and Remedies Work up to 5 Times Better

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Doctors Said I’d Die

“Fourteen years ago, two highly respected doctors said ‘If you’re still alive in the morning, we want to do a quadruple bypass.’ I refused the surgery. Instead, I started a series of 40 chelation treatments. The results were fantastic! “Today, at age 68, my health is better than average with sex life above normal. Thought you might like to know.”
— Virgil M., Denver, CO

  • Do you sleep on your left side or your right side? Warning: One side puts you at a much greater risk of heart attack when you sleep.
  • What to do if you cut yourself and you don’t have an antiseptic nearby. This simple trick helps heal cuts in only 16 hours.
  • Better than antibiotics for fighting infections. This all-natural remedy even kills antibiotic resistant staph infections! And unlike antibiotics, it works against candida and intestinal parasites, too. So powerful, all you need is a single drop.
  • The salad ingredient that’s an E-coli breeding ground. Washing with water doesn’t help… but this will.
  • Throw away your blood pressure medication! Amazing new remedy from the Orient beats blood pressure drugs in head-to-head test. Lowers cholesterol and quenches free radicals, too!
  • Easy way to detox — without expensive supplements, unpleasant enemas, or time-consuming saunas. The solution is right in the produce section of your supermarket.
  • How sleazy manufacturers hide MSG in your food without you knowing it — even if the label says it’s all-natural or organic! Plus the easy way to be sure all your food is really MSG free.
  • High blood sugar? The culprit could be the electrical appliances in your home! Shocking results of new study. Plus… a simple solution.
  • More beneficial omega fatty acids than walnuts, flax seeds, or hemp. Just two ounces of this food contains as much omega-3s as a whopping 1¾ pounds of salmon!
  • Why going for a pedicure can leave you with tuberculosis! Hundreds of women have been infected. Here’s the hidden danger you need to worry about … plus your simple self-defense.
  • How to reverse years of painful eczema practically overnight. Researches discover this dietary deficiency is the primary culprit. Very easily corrected.
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